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Angels are all around us… in those we’ve lost and those we love, and those whose friendship is most precious to us.

The Memory Bell® was created to capture the love we feel for the angels that touch our lives. This beautifully crafted bell is graced with an exquisite praying angel finial and is engraved with the cherished phrase:

“Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings®


  • Beautifully crafted silver bell with a delicately sculpted praying angel finial
  • Engraved with angel wings and the cherished phrase “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings®
  • Discreetly placed hook between the wings, allows for use as a decorative accessory or an ornament
  • Presented in a navy blue, silver logo embossed gift box, nestled in blue velvet and enclosed in a silver satin drawstring jeweler’s bag. (completely gift ready)
  • An inspirational “thank you” note card with a message on angels is enclosed in a silver metallic envelope
  • Most Importantly – Made in the USA
  • Available individually, with a glass dome display ensemble or premium solid wood box display ensemble

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The Meaning Behind Memory Bell

The inspiration behind the creation of the Memory Bell isn’t hard to imagine. “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings®”, echoes in the ears of many at the conclusion of the movie classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

But the heart, love, and care behind the creation of the Memory Bell comes from something more deeply personal, and those iconic words from this classic tale now take on new meaning for me, as they might for anyone who has experienced a loss. The loss of my only sibling, Karen, is what propelled me forward to bring these words to life in a way I had never thought of before, the Memory Bell. The sound ofa tinkling bell and angels – a wonderfully uplifting way to remember those who have touched our lives. I began to understand the preciousness of life’s special moments, and the importance that each and every day holds.

The Memory Bell is a special keepsake that can be given in memory of those who have touched your life, or in recognition of your own “angel on earth,” whom we are blessed to know. The sound represents the love of friends, family, and the special moments we share together. Listen to your heart — for it is where our most precious moments are inscribed forever.

With a Registered Trademark, this unique gift was created with love, given with love, and continues to spread love through charitable donations.

P.S. Karen got her wings!

Sharon M. Bowden

Creator of The Memory Bell®